IMG_9173I’ve been told I am sweet and have great patience, but that is only part of me. Within lies a dragyn’s heart. It is happy and content until you cross it, and then it will either fry you or bite your head off. I like to say I’m a sometimes wicked, sometimes sweet, knitting, weaving and spinning obsessed, pagan, wife and mom of four, learning who me is. Life is a journey and I’m doing my best to enjoy the trip along the way. Every stop has something to show me, there’s always new things to see and learn, and new friends to meet.

My name is Lynette Connors and I am the creator/owner of DragynKnyts. I live in Vancouver, WA, not too far to the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge, and just 20 minutes away from the fun and funky Portland, OR. My family and I moved here from the midwest in 2010 and we just love it here. The weather is more to our liking, the people are very nice, and the scenery is simply amazing. There’s so much to do here, and it ranges from gazing at mountains and rivers, watching an eagle fly, or attending any number of unusual events just across the river in Portland, OR; like adult soap box derby, zombie 5k run, and naked shopping sprees and reading events. It isn’t hard to find inspiration here and there’s no excuse for boredom!

I keep a smoke free, pet free studio space in my home, in Vancouver, WA. I make a variety of fiber preparations for spinners and felters including hand blended carded batts, hand rolled rolags, and hand pulled rovings, all of which are made with high quality pre-dyed, and also my own hand dyed fibers. Some are prepared for spinning art yarns and have a variety of fun add ins. I also hand spin yarns and art yarns, and use them to make hand knitted, crocheted, and hand woven accessories and art pieces.

For people local to the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area, I offer classes on a variety of knitting techniques, drop spindle spinning, and beginner weaving. I also offer some services like hand washing of delicate knits and blocking.

When I’m not knitting, designing, and otherwise creating beautiful fibery products, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and pets; sitting by waterfalls, cooking, reading, and writing.

My husband and I have four children, ranging from 8th grade to college, who also help with the running of things around here. There’s plenty to do around here, for sure, but I make sure to take some time for myself. I love to find a beautiful spot in nature and soak in the view. I especially love being near just about any body of water. The water speaks to me, and it’s just so peaceful. It’s a great way to recharge my batteries. Nature is one of my biggest creative inspiration sources.

That’s a lot about me, and I’m hoping along the way I meet and learn a little about you. ┬áThere’s no such thing as too many friends!

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Maeve Connors said:

    I like the part about biting peoples heads off when they tick you off XD
    Love ya Mommy,

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